Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Post No. 669: Mired in dorkiness

Sadie has entered into the world of craptastic vision. If she's anything like her mother, her eyes will deteriorate at a rapid pace. I'll have to ask her mom when I meet her. She got the cutest glasses at Sam's.  I got glasses about the same time as she did when I was a kid (9, 4th grade), but mine were nowhere near as cute as hers. No one did me any favors when trying on glasses like, "Hey, you're already dressing like an old lady, you might want to ease up on the glasses" or "You know you're looking at scuba masks, right?"

Internet. They were SO BIG. So big. They were the clear plastic kind with a tint of pink. So, so fashion backwards. I believe they took up 2/3 of my face. I've rendered a drawing of my childhood so you can get a clearer picture.
Yes, my hair was that frizzy. If you take away the frizzy hair and glasses, I look like Powder. Sometime around 6th grade, I got new slightly smaller glasses that still managed to touch my cheekbones. Why did my face need glasses? I don't know. No one would help me.
At this point in life, I had discovered the crimping iron, thus the zigzag hair. I also started to look like Mr Potato Head. Was I high? I look weird.

Seventh grade mercifully brought about contacts. Then I just had bookworm appeal and braces to contend with. So, so pretty.
Nerd Life Today. I wonder if they'd have any fashion tips I could use. Sounds like my kind of publication.


Anonymous said...

Let me finish reading your copy when you're done. Thanks.

Rachel Johnson said...

Okay. I'll leave it next to my copy of What Dorks Wear.

Why don't I have eyebrows in my pictures?